Targeted Advertising

Using highly targeted advertising we put your messages in front of the right people at the right time – dramatically increasing your opportunity for leads and sales

Digital advertising with measurable results.

Facebook Advertising

Every Australian (almost!) over the age of 16 is on Facebook. So your target customers are there – it’s just a matter of how you slice and dice the demographic data, so your advertising is only targeted at the exact audience you want to be in front of. 

LinkedIN Marketing

For B2B marketing, LinkedIN offers a a way to target people in specific roles and specific industries – perfect for lead gen campaigns.  Want your adverts to be seen by Procurement Managers in Govt depts? Or SME owners in Sydney? We can help!

Display Network

Display advertising done bady is one of the worst forms of advertising you can do, unless you have millions to spend on building awareness. But targeted display done well, as part of an Integrated Marketing program, can deliver results. Talk to us about how we make your display work.

Facebook Advertising

We use our Facebook advertising expertise and experience to develop the best digital lead generation or sales strategy for your brand.

We optimise your campaigns for maximum conversion, continually improve through A/B testing – where the measure of success is not Clicks but Conversions.

Facebook allows for very tightly focussed advertising campaigns. See some actual examples of target segments below.

LinkedIN Advertising

For B2B marketers, LinkedIN advertising allows you to target the exact people and organisations you want to get your message in front of.

Target by job roles and industries, or even specific companies!

We can:

  • Create a dynamic and vibrant LinkedIn Company Page
  • Develop an ongoing engagement plan for your audience – sharing relevant and interesting content
  • Build your following to activate lead generation
  • Work on strategies to keep your community engaged

Digital Network Advertising


Banner network advertising is appropriate for building broad brand awareness. But how can you use it for smart digital advertising? Broad banner advertising is un-targetted, with high bounce rates. Banner campaigns need to sharply focussed and the creative needs to grab attention.

We recommend using Digital banners as a component of an integrated digital campaign, supported by re-marketing, and value offer exchanges.

LiveSwitch does not manage broad awareness campaigns but we work with specialised media agencies who do. 

Targeted advertising is just part of our full cycle Integrated Marketing approach